Maritime technologies

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is derived from sources that do not use up our natural resources or harm the environment. In the boating community, energy from wind and the sun are the easiest to harness.  Supplementing your yacht’s power with green energy is economical, environmentally friendly and QUIET.

HVAC / Cooling / fresh air / hot heating / flow control / PLC

We use your existing control systems and replace field devices to be optimized by new, innovative technology. Switch and monitor your equipment conveniently from home, via Internet or leave the fault monitoring on a centralized real-time BMS accrues. Build on innovative field devices and get the possibility your assets 100% to optimize, this saving a lot of money. We rely on you, of course, to reschedule projects to and advise you in the design and construction of your vessel. You have questions and would like more detailed information? Of course we are at your disposal at any time for a free consultation available. Just contact us so we can make an appointment with you by phone or e-mail the same. We check your control engineering systems, take your energy usage and make suggestions for improvement. With innovative technology, we are able, up to 25% and more, to save energy consumption and more efficient (energy demand reduction).

Hygiene / VDI 6032

Have a clean air with the latest filter technology. The entire air outlets and the duct system requires a hygienic maintenance to germs and other contaminants to prevent.

Lighting control

Superyachts are the apogee of good taste and design, the best of the best… well, almost. Boasting the latest communications technology, the finest textiles and most fashionable décor, until recently these vessels were nearly perfect. But one feature rather let the side down: lighting.

Only in the last few years has superyacht lighting begun to attain the superlative standards one would expect. Instead it tended to be something of an afterthought. Where wiring happened to run determined the position of ceiling lights, with the addition of a scattering of lamps to cast a glow in neglected corners. And just as on land, these mundane fittings can be far from ideal.


ROMV is up to date for service in chiller and refrigeration 

                                    --> at any time a cooled yacht and pefekt breath


ROMV supports yacht and mega yacht customers with consultancy, project management, engineering, installation, system integration, commissioning and after sales services.

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